Development and Producing

Tornadic Entertainment, LLC seeks out great and high-concept content that stirs the emotions of all individuals of all demographics. We then go to work to bring idea to screen. We start off with development and do everything from fine-tuning the script to seeking talent, financing, distribution, and marketing. Then we supervise from pre-production all the way until the project is distributed!

When it comes to financing, we have various ways to raise funds. Everything from using social media and Crowdfunding (In Kind and Reg. A+), Pre-buying/Pre-sales, Private Equity, Gap Financing, Tax Credits, IRS Sec. 181 (Now IRS Sec. 168), blocked funds, and much more.

Here is what we are working on now:

In Development:

Fleetwood & Deville (Movie)
Elementary Pimp (Movie)

Sex Busters (Reality TV)
Trading Keys (Reality TV)
The Bar Exam (Reality TV Game Show)


The Nuclear Expedition (Documentary)
Fresco (Documentary)


Waking Eyes (Short Film)
Cerise (Short Film)