Music Distribution and Promotion

As a music creator, Tornadic Entertainment, LLC understands how hard you have worked on your musical content. That’s why we are a one stop shop when it comes to your musical needs. We act as consultant, manager, agent, distributor and label. Why let your hard work go unnoticed? Let us jump in and do something with that music!

We first consult and help manage our musician’s careers in order to find what will be the best marketing strategy and what content will best stir the emotions of all demographics worldwide. Then we get to work in helping the artist create the best content possible. We supervise and standby for any consulting needs that the artist may need.

Next, we have hundreds of potential download and streaming outlets such as Amazon MP3, iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube, TIDAL to name a few. Tornadic Entertainment, LLC also has deals with major jukeboxes such as AMI Entertainment Networks and TouchTunes.

In addition, since Tornadic Entertainment, LLC does a tremendous amount of work in the film and TV world, we have connections to producers, music supervisors, and music composers that can potentially use music in their films, TV shows, and commercials. We also have a partnership with Black Toast Music that provides synch deals with major commercials, TV shows, and motion pictures. We even have deals with major in store radio/atmosphere music such as Express in Music, PlayNetwork, Retail Radio, Eos, and Mood Media to name a few.

But Tornadic Entertainment, LLC does not stop there. We have the ability to blast music to online and terrestrial radio stations throughout the world. Whether we mail and/or email your content out there, we will push and fight to get that musical content some spins. In addition, we also register the music for tracking on such databases as Nielsen BDS and Mediabase.

We also provide social media management and support. We can increase followers on an artist’s social media website. We seek cross-promotional deals as well as branding deals. Tornadic Entertainment, LLC works hard to push content out to the world and find ways such as radio interviews, magazine interviews, and bookings for events and concerts.

Lastly, Tornadic Entertainment, LLC has a simple contract that gives its artists more power and control. Tornadic Entertainment, LLC helps their artists secure royalties worldwide and also advises them if there are any unauthorized uses of their music. We even help artists sign up to settlements. Again, you’ve worked hard on your music. Let us do something with it and get it out to the world!

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