Audio Visual Production


Tornadic Entertainment, LLC has over a decade of audio visual experience and has worked for such clients as JSAV (now Inspire Solutions), Local IATSE 62, Local IATSE 7, Freeman AV, Rhino Staging, Five-Star AV, PRG, AV Concepts, PSAV (now Encore), AVLancer, AV Leads, Williams Signal, Event Servicing, Select Tech Connect, LLCCEAVCO (an AVFX Company), and VideoWest. We have worked numerous events, conferences, expos, and lectures throughout Colorado.

We assemble Truss and install/mount lighting equipment such as Lekos, PARs, Source Four PARs, Martin Movers (Mac 700s), ColorBlast LEDs, Lighting Trees, and L-16s. We run Stage-pin, DMX 5-pin, and Soca Cables. We set and strike Eiki Projectors, adjust projector throws, set and strike Fast-Fold Screens and Truss Screens. We run VGA, HDMI, and Five-wire with Shred to Video Distribution Amp (DA).

We set and strike Microphones (Wired, Wireless, and Boundary), Congress Microphones, Polycoms, PCDI Boxes, run Audio Snakes and XLR feeds. We operate 4, 6, 12, channel audio boards such as Shure and Mackie, and we set/strike JBL Speakers and Speaker Arrays.

We set/strike and operate Studio Cameras including Box Lens Cameras for live to tape shows. We operate lighting boards such as Leprecon and Light Dimmers. We do stagehand work by doing audio, lighting, and carpentry for such plays as Shrek the Musical, Wicked, Stomp, Recycled Percussion, and Hello Dolly to name a few.

Camera Utility/Assistant Camera

Tornadic Entertainment, LLC provides support to the camera department for major sporting broadcasts. We have worked just about every kind of sport there is for every major network: FOX Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, Golf Channel, Pac-12 Networks, and Altitude TV to name a few. We assist in the loading/unloading of the ENG Trucks as well as labeling and managing the camera cables.

We run and strike camera signal cable such as Coax, Triax, SMPTE, and Tactical Fiber Cable (Tac 4, 6, 12). We also assist the hand-held camera operator in coiling their cable (Cable Puller). Tornadic Entertainment, LLC sets up monitors for on air talent and carries the light panel. Additionally, we keep batteries and C-stand on stand by for the handheld/Steadicam operators. Finally, we also convert digital signal to optical and vice versa with Telecast HDX boxes, LDK, and Rattlers.

In addition, Tornadic Entertainment, LLC provides services as assistant camera. We do everything from setting up cameras on tripods and mounts, cleaning and mounting lenses. We also adjust focus and slate each take. We even set up GoPros and handle the formatting and transfer of media.

Production Assistance

Tornadic Entertainment, LLC has been assisting reality TV shows, commercials, documentaries, industrial videos, music videos, sports broadcasts, and indie films since the fall of 2006. We have worked on such reality TV shows as Bravo’s Top Chef, ABC’s American Idol, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, We TV’s Love After Lockup, and MTV’s Teen Mom to name a few. We’ve worked on such films and documentaries as Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas and Seeing Allred. Finally, Tornadic Entertainment, LLC has done music videos like Jason Mraz’s “93 Million Miles” and corporate videos for companies like Comcast Business, Boeing, and AstraZeneca.

We have assisted in transporting crew and talent. Running errands/goffering for supplies, food, and equipment. Handling thousands of dollars of petty cash and collecting receipts. We have assisted in setting up everything from crafty, basic grip and lighting equipment such as C-stands, Combo Stands, and ARRI Lights. We have helped in the camera department carry and set up tripods and get lenses ready. Finally, Tornadic Entertainment, LLC has even helped coordinate lodging and travel.