About Us

Mission Statement

Tornadic Entertainment is dedicated to bringing quality entertainment that stirs the deepest emotions and excitement of all individuals of all demographics.

About Tornadic Entertainment and Mr. Ulery

Tornadic Entertainment, LLC is an entertainment company founded by Mr. David L. Ulery on January 01, 2009. Tornadic Entertainment strives to provide: consulting; development and production of both music and Film/TV content; and provides distribution solutions for music and video content as well.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force in support of the global war on terrorism as a maintainer of the communication and navigation avionics onboard the C-130 Hercules airframe; Mr. Ulery went into the television industry and provided production assistance for many major television shows for such major networks as Discovery, TLC, MTV, OWN, Travel, SYFY, and NBC.

Mr. Ulery has worked for Band(B&)Recordings (A subsidiary of Doghouse Records.) in their online marketing and promotions department.

Recently, Mr. Ulery has helped produce two successful films Cerise and Waking Eyes. For the film Cerise, Mr. Ulery helped raise money via crowd funding and social media. Currently Mr. Ulery has several other projects in development.

Mr. Ulery holds two degrees, an Associate of Arts in Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing from the University of Colorado Denver where he graduated with distinction. He also wrote for his thesis paper—“ Crowd Funding: An Efficient Way to Find Money and Distribute your Film.” Mr. Ulery is also a graduate of the Hollywood Film Institute.